3D Canyon Flight Screensaver

3D Canyon Flight Screensaver

3D Canyon Flight Screensaver will take you flying to the canyon

Have you seen those movies where a helicopter, or even a fighter plane or spaceship fly at full speed through a natural canyon?
Do you like the excitement of dodging rocks, going under bridges, and curving at high speed?

3D Canyon Flight Screensaver will take you flying to the canyon.

This awesome screensaver will take you to a canyon somewhere in the desert, as it seems, where the most dangerous curves and low passes exist.
Do you want to do the flying?
Great. Just make sure you fasten up your seat belt real tight!
Because this flight through the canyon is not in a helicopter or a jet plane.
A spaceship, you say. No!

3D Canyon Flight Screensaver takes you flying riding a huge pterodactyl!
Yes, remember those giant birds that used to live during the dinosaurs era?
Well, you are going to be flying on one of those magnificent birds.
And you will not be alone either. You will be moving along the walls of the canyon, going under and over bridges, and all the time you will see other pterodactyls flying along you and doing different movements.

This unique screensaver also includes a “helicopter mode”.
Here you will be flying a helicopter. You can hear it, yes. And with great realistic sound. But, you don’t even see the controls of the helicopter, so you don’t really realize that much what you are flying.

You can do some stunts and rolls, but I think that the excitement of watching the other birds next to you is lots better.

You will surely enjoy this screensaver. It is different, exciting to watch, and will attract the attention of all the people that happen to walk by you r computer.

Fernando Soni
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